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This Scheming World

doing my Dead Level Best

Lifelong Alaska resident.

"..Songs that take the human heart as their seed and flourish as myriad leaves of words. Words have a soul and may create any kind of emotion, among which happiness is supreme."
Manyoshu, & Kokinshu

"The wind has its reasons. We just don't notice as we go about our lives. But then, at some point, we are made to notice. The wind envelops you with a certain purpose in mind, and it rocks you. The wind knows everything that's inside you. And not just the wind. Everything, including a stone. They all know us very well. From top to bottom. It only occurs to us at certain times. And all we can do is go with those things. As we take them in, we survive, and deepen."
— Haruki Murakami (Hear the Wind Sing)

*Generally, unless one of my icon info's states otherwise, all are made by myself. There are quite a few I've gathered over the years that I sadly do not know who to credit towards! So if you one which belongs to you and would like me to credit/remove please let me know!

101 titles to be read between 2010 to 2011